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Keynote speaker on critical thinking & innovation

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I’m an internationally award-winning advertising creative director, and the founder of The School of Thought International – a non-profit that has provided free critical thinking resources to more than 19 million people worldwide in 7 languages.

Here’s a TEDx talk I gave which so far has had over 435,000 views on YouTube:

I’ve given keynote speeches and facilitated workshops for corporate clients, universities, and the general public on topics including critical thinking, innovation & creative thinking, marketing & communications, biases, fallacies, mental models and more.

You may remember me from:

Rethink is a weekly segment on ABC Radio on critical thinking, philosophy and human behaviour that I’ve been co-hosting with Kelly Higgins-Devine for the past two years. I was invited as an expert guest to the internationally successful podcasts Rationally Speaking and You Are Not So Smart, contributed to an edX course on critical thinking in collaboration with the University of Queensland, and the fallacies and biases projects have been featured on thousands of websites including the World Economic Forum, Lifehacker and Buzzfeed.

Popular keynote subjects:

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You can find out more about me over on the biography page.

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